Opening a UBS vested benefits account

You can open a vested benefits account in the following circumstances:

  • When the employee's contract of employment is terminated but the accrued vested benefits cannot be transferred immediately to the new pension scheme, or can only be transferred in part.
  • In the event of a reduction in salary to below the minimum insurance threshold. (19,350 CHF as of 2005)

Online account opening with UBS FZweb:

You can enter all the data required to open the account in an online account opening form. Transferring the data electronically to the UBS Vested Benefits Foundation speeds up the account opening process. In addition, you can print out a copy of the form and keep it for your records.

The information entered in the forms is encrypted before forwarding to the UBS Vested Benefits Foundation. Once the data has been received, the Foundation checks and processes the information and obtains written confirmation (signature) from the member concerned by post.

Automatic account opening with UBS FZdirect:

When members of your pension plan terminate employment, UBS FZdirect lets you transfer their vested benefits to a vested benefits account with a minimum of administrative effort and thus at reduced cost.

With UBS FZdirect, you don't need to repeatedly enter the plan member's data. We process the data you have already recorded for the withdrawal statement and sent to us in encrypted file format. We provide you with the necessary software free of charge.

Transferral of the vested benefits to the collective account of the UBS Vested Benefits Foundation may be carried out via UBS e-banking or by means of a payment slip.

Bank account:
UBS AG, CH-8098 Zürich
in favour of: CH81 0023 0230 1011 8870 0
Vested Benefits Foundation of UBS AG
CH-4002 Basel

Post office account:
UBS AG, CH-8098 Zürich, account no. 80-2-2
in favour of: CH81 0023 0230 1011 8870 0
Vested Benefits Foundation of UBS AG
CH-4002 Basel

The UBS Vested Benefits Foundation then credits the amount to the member's individual vested benefits account and sends confirmation to you and to the member.