Archiving provider
Direct access of E-documents

Who should access e-documents via an external archiving provider?

Accessing e-documents via an external archiving provider is suitable for clients interested in an all-in-one solution who wish to outsource the processing (collection, verification, archiving, etc.) of e-documents.

What are the advantages of accessing E-documents via an external archiving provider?

  • The software partners have been certified by various authorities (e.g. Swiss Bankers Association) and therefore meet the highest requirements with regard to data security, confidentiality and system operations.

  • The legal requirements are met by the archiving company.

  • Because electronic archiving is the core business of these providers, their infrastructure is always kept right up to date.

  • As the infrastructure is used by a number of clients, this reduces the unit costs per archived document for you.

Which archiving providers offer access to E-documents?

These UBS software partners offer suitable solutions.

How are the documents accessed?

  • Daily, automated download of the e-documents by the archiving providers, which file them in their archives.

  • Clients gain access to their e-documents via browser from their archiving provider.


To access e-documents via external archiving provider, you need:

  • a UBS account

  • a UBS E-documents contract

  • a power of attorney for provision of the documents to an archiving provider of your choice

Terms and conditions

The service price for accessing and archiving documents via UBS software partners depends on the respective provider's individual pricing structure.


  • UBS: Your personal e-consultant will be pleased to assist you in finding a solution that meets your needs. You can also contact the UBS KeyDirect Hotline on 0848-807 848 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

  • UBS software partners offering archiving solutions for e-documents: UBS software partners list