Business Prepaid Card

The ideal card for start-ups and small businesses

Load the card with any amount you like and then use it to pay for purchases just like you would with a regular credit card – worldwide and online.

Prepaid card at a glance

Control over your budget

Transparent control of expenses and spending in Digital Banking

No credit check

Quick and easy to order

Immediate availability

Load the card free of charge – it’s ready to use immediately

  • Can be used worldwide like a credit card, including for online purchases and cash withdrawals
  • For business owners: clear separation of private and business expenses (with additional use of a private credit card)
  • Individual credit balances for each employee
  • Thanks to automatic top up, the expected funds are always available.

What our clients say

As an entrepreneur, prepaid gives me a lot of security, especially for online purchases. And flexibility – because I can top up my card really quickly.

Frédéric Grandgirard, owner of easy-data Sarl, Carouge

Don’t have a UBS account yet? 

Open a business account.

Already have a UBS account?

As an existing UBS client you can apply for the credit card directly.

Accounts and cards combined in an attractive banking package

Put together a banking package that fits your company’s needs exactly. Accounts, cards, digital accounting with bexio and other extras are included in the package.