gpi for Corporates (g4C)

Check the gpi status of your payments directly in your backend system

Track your payments across multiple banks and get real-time information in the form of data feeds about payment status, expenses and exchange rates.

gpi for Corporates at a glance



Regular status updates throughout the payment process

Voll integriert

Fully Integrated

From triggering payment to status notification, everything is managed in your own back-end systems



Details on expenses, processing times and exchange rates

  • Works for outgoing payments via SWIFT for Corporates FIN (more options to follow)
  • Based on the SWIFT Global Payments Innovation (gpi) initiative
  • Available to companies that are also members of SWIFT
  • Feeds the payment status directly into the backend system
  • Lightens the workload of internal payment processes and saves time

How does gpi for Corporates work?

  1. Make sure that your payment or treasury management system supports this feature.
  2. Register for the service with both SWIFT and UBS.
  3. Add a unique end-to-end transaction reference (UETR) to payments you want to track.
  4. Check the payment status directly in your payment or treasury management system.

Are you interested in gpi for Corporates?

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Are you looking for an alternative?

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