Payment Tracking

Track your international payments for free

Track your payments across multiple banks via E-Banking and find out in real time about the current status, charges and exchange rates.

Payment Tracking at a glance

End-to-end tracking

From initiating the payment to receipt by the beneficiary

Free of charge

You can check the status of your payment for free in E-Banking


Details on charges levied and exchange rate conversions

  • Works for both incoming and outgoing payments.
  • Based on the SWIFT global payments innovation (SWIFT gpi) initiative.
  • SEPA payments and EUR domestic payments are excluded from tracking.
  • Domestic payments in CHF and individual CHF payments abroad are excluded from tracking.
  • Generally, payments in all other currencies can be tracked.

How does payment tracking work?

  1. Log in to E-Banking.
  2. Make an international payment.
  3. Click “Track this transaction” and you can check the status of your payment at any time.

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