Occupational pension plans

For entrepreneurs, companies and pension funds

With our comprehensive offering, expert advice and over 150 years of experience, we meet the requirements of pension funds, companies, and entrepreneurs alike.

Occupational pension solutions for businesses and pension funds (pillar 2)

Pension solutions for companies

Find the pension solution that best suits your company.
We have different solutions depending on your company structure and requirements. Our unbiased BVG advice will help you identify the right one for you.

Vested Benefits Foundation

Thanks to online account opening and the ease with which vested benefits can be transferred, we make administration much more straightforward for you when employees leave a scheme but don’t yet have a new pension fund, or when new employees join your pension fund.

Private pension solutions for entrepreneurs (pillar 3)

To make sure that as an entrepreneur you don’t miss out on a good private pension, we will give you comprehensive advice and offer a tailored private pension solution from our extensive range.