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For an export transaction to come about in the first place, the buyer often needs financing or the seller refinancing or even the prefinancing of its production. As an exporter, you benefit from our solutions drawn up in association with Swiss Export Risk Insurance (SERV), not to mention from our expertise.

Export finance

We view ourselves as a solutions provider for the Swiss export industry: our export finance and advice make it possible or easier for you to conclude transactions with your clients across the globe. Because sometimes a good product and competitive price are not enough to win an export contract.

Make financing a part of your tender offer

You increase your chances if you can also offer attractive financing to potential foreign buyers – particularly those in countries with high interest rates. With export finance from UBS your client can pay the purchase price out of the proceeds generated by “your” product. This is why financing is often as individual and complex as the actual export transaction itself. For this reason it’s good to know that we offer the entire range of financing models and provide you with extensive advice on which solution is ultimately the most beneficial for your business.

For transactions with and without SERV coverage

Any export financing generally requires that the transaction is covered by Swiss Export Risk Insurance SERV or by another export credit agency (ECA). But what happens if your export goods are not SERV-eligible? Talk to us and we will find a solution so you can take advantage of your export opportunity.

Import finance

Foreign countries (such as Germany, France and Austria) also promote exports by providing export risk insurance. You can capitalize this if you import foreign products into Switzerland – for example, by securing liquidity at attractive conditions in the form of export finance from UBS.

In the case of a supplier's credit, you as an exporter offer your goods to the buyer including the financing (this is stipulated in the export contract). In the case of transactions covered by SERV, you can assign us your claim and by doing so secure your liquidity.

UBS grants the buyer a credit to finance your goods (under a separate credit contract). You as an exporter receive your money immediately upon delivery. Framework credit agreements between UBS and banks in different export markets enable buyer's credit to be drawn up at standardized terms and conditions.

With a SERV-covered working capital loan, you can prefinance the manufacture of your export goods on a project basis without having to provide additional collateral or drawing on your existing credit lines.

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