Leasing capital goods For greater flexibility

With capital goods leasing you can finance your investments without tying up your capital. The process is quick and hassle-free: you get exactly what you need when it makes the best business sense to do so. We'd be glad to advise you on the best leasing model. So you can be sure that the financing is precisely tailored to your company's needs.

Your benefits with capital goods leasing

  • Greater financial security
  • More entrepreneurial flexibility
  • Price advantage
  • Secure planning thanks to fixed costs

Capital goods leasing at a glance

Leased objects

Mobile capital goods such as commercial vehicles, production lines, medical equipment, tools, printers, construction equipment, and laboratory and medical practice equipment


From CHF 20,000


Swiss francs, euros and US dollars


From 24 months

Leasing installments

  • Comprised of an interest portion and a repayment portion
  • Paid on a straight-line, seasonal, or declining-balance basis

Residual value

Generally 0.5% of the purchase price


  • Flexibility in choosing when the lease begins
  • Hedging of currency and interest rate risks
  • Framework agreements available to simplify the process


Calculate your leasing rate directly and apply online for financing

Enter a few details to calculate your monthly leasing payments, or apply for leasing quickly and easily. We will help you make your business plans a reality.


Questions about leasing?

Which leasing model best suits your company? Our experts on capital goods leasing and refinancing will be glad to advise you.


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