Payment transactions in Switzerland Comprehensive solutions for businesses

Are you looking to manage your ingoing and outgoing domestic payments more simply and efficiently? We can provide your company with comprehensive solutions for all your needs.

Payment transactions in Switzerland

  Domestic collection

We offer solutions that are ideally suited to your needs, allowing you to collect receivables securely, reliably, and with minimum effort.

BESR payment slip

Manage your invoicing in Swiss francs within Switzerland and the processing of incoming payments efficiently.

Red payment slips

Use the red payment slip when you want to let your debtor enter a message rather than just use the reference line. You can order red payment slips from your client advisor.


Send your bills directly to the e-banking accounts of your private and corporate clients. Sending invoices electronically with e-banking is a modern, inexpensive and efficient method of collection.

LSV+/BDD credits

Do you want to be sure that regularly occurring debts will be paid to you without delay? By setting up a direct debit system with your clients, you can secure prompt and secure payment of your invoices.

UBS Daily Cash Deposit

Are you looking for an efficient way to handle cash receipts at your offices? We can offer you simple and secure way to make cash deposits directly at your business premises.

E-Commerce EASY

Looking to make the most of online trading potential and accept card payments with your webshop? We’ve joined forces with SIX Payment Services to offer you a simple, transparent and affordable payment solution for your webshop.

Domestic payments

Pay your bills efficiently and securely. We offer you a comprehensive range of solutions for the optimal settlement of your payments.


You can receive, check and pay bills directly within e-banking with just a few clicks – without typing in reference numbers, billing amounts or credit accounts

LSV+/BDD payments

Paying regularly occurring bills to your creditors couldn't be easier.

Standing orders

A standing order lets you transfer recurring payments for fixed amounts to the same recipients. It’s ideal for clear and simple processing of payments to creditors and salary payments.

Individual orders

You can also submit individual or collective orders at one of our branches, or by letter, telephone or e-mail.

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