Card terminal

Accept card payments anytime, anywhere with SumUp

The SumUp Air mobile card terminal lets your customers make cashless, wireless and contactless payments. And it won’t break the bank.

SumUp Air at a glance


Accepting card payments anytime, anywhere

Special price

CHF 39 for UBS clients compared to CHF 49

Great value

Low commissions (2.5% for credit cards and 1.5% for debit cards)

What our clients are saying

It’s easy

Click on "Special price" and fill out the form. You’ll immediately receive an E-Mail from

Open the e-mail and click on the link in it. Rejoice in the special price you’ll get when you order the SumUp Air card terminal: 39 francs for UBS clients compared to 49 francs.

Download the app for free to your smartphone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play.

Connect SumUp Air to your mobile device via Bluetooth. Open the SumUp app, log in and your customers are ready to pay by card.


Get SumUp for a special price:

Do you receive card payments of CHF 250,000 or more per year?

Receive individual advice directly from SumUp.

SumUp 3G: Accept payments without a smartphone

Accept card payments at your place of business or on the go – with just one device. Thanks to the built-in SIM card, the terminal is automatically connected to the 3G mobile network. There’s no cost for data and no Wi-Fi connection required.

Benefit as a UBS client

As a UBS client, you get the SumUp 3G card terminal at a low special price of 99 francs (compared to 129 francs).

SumUp Point of Sale: the cash register for your business

Are you looking for a simple, affordable and reliable cash point solution for your business? Then SumUp is also right for you. The Point of Sale (POS) cash management system is a complete package, consisting of the Point of Sale app, cloud and hardware. The latter includes an iPad Air with a wooden stand, the wireless Air card terminal, a cash drawer, a receipt printer and a router.

Benefit as a UBS client

There’s a one-time hardware fee of 1,150 francs for UBS clients (compared to 1,300 francs) and an annual fee of 599 francs for the starter package.


Additional details can be found in the information sheet.