International payment transactions Comprehensive services for your foreign payments

Do you have clients abroad or would you like to make international payments? As a global bank, we can offer you a comprehensive range of international payment options.

International payment services

  Collection abroad

When conducting business abroad, you need to be able to count on collecting your receivables easily and reliably. We can offer you the right solutions.

SEPA company direct debit for beneficiaries (SEPA Direct Credit)
Do you have clients in neighboring European countries, and do you want to collect one-off or recurring receivables in euros efficiently? The SEPA direct debit system offers many benefits for incoming payments. We support both SEPA Core Direct Debit (B2C) and SEPA B2B Direct Debit.

UBS Gateway Account
Our Gateway Account make us the only Swiss bank to offer direct access to European payment transactions from Switzerland. Open a local account with UBS Deutschland, and benefit from the immediate availability of your funds thanks to automatic account transfers to your Gateway Account.

  International payments

Take advantage of our customized services and wide range of options for transferring money to make safe, quick and inexpensive transfers to beneficiaries.

SEPA transfers (SEPA Credit Transfer)
With SEPA payment orders, you can transfer euros within the EU and EEA securely, quickly and inexpensively. UBS supports SEPA transfers via all commonly used electronic channels, including e-banking, KeyDirect and Multimat.

SEPA company direct debits for debtors (SEPA Direct Debit)
Does your company purchase goods and services from SEPA countries on a one-time or regular basis? Would you like to pay for these easily and efficiently? With the SEPA B2B Direct Debit and Core Direct Debit (B2C), your eurozone suppliers will receive their money reliably and on time.

UBS Gateway Account
Would you like to handle your European payments from Switzerland? And control your liquidity management centrally from Switzerland? With UBS Gateway Account, we can help you to handle your payments within Europe efficiently.

UBS Pay Worldwide

UBS Pay Worldwide offers Corporate and Institutional Clients with international businesses a possibility to execute payments in around 130 different currencies all over the world out of your existing banking relationship and account with us.

Using your existing current accounts with UBS in CHF, EUR, USD or GBP you can instruct us in your exotic currency payment. UBS will debit your existing account, exchange the equivalent into the instructed currency and send the payment to the Beneficiary Bank, which will credit the amount to the beneficiary’s account without additional conversion (thus no loss out of conversion).


UBS FX-EQUI gives you the opportunity to instruct us to pay in local currency to the beneficiary, by defining the amount to be debited on your account. By doing so, UBS will convert the payment for you and pay the equivalent amount in local currency to the beneficiary.

An exact amount is booked in the currency of your account with information of the equivalent amount paid, making it easier for you to optimize your cash management and avoid any additional conversion costs on the beneficiary side.

UBS global

You can use an order form to make payments all over the world without a payment slip – in Swiss francs or in foreign currencies.

Standing orders

A standing order lets you transfer recurring payments for fixed amounts to the same recipients abroad. It‘s ideal for easy and transparent processing of payments to creditors or salary payments.

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