Visa Corporate Card

The ideal credit card for mid-sized and large companies

The Visa Corporate Card makes managing expenses and travel more straightforward, offers comprehensive insurance cover, and is a reliable way to pay worldwide.

Visa Corporate Card at a glance


Maximum transparency over all your employees’ expenses

Bonus program

Saving of annual card prices

Travel insurance

Comprehensive cover for business trips

  • Available in Classic and Gold versions
  • Efficient, transparent expenses management
  • For business owners: clear separation of private and business expenses (if a private credit card is also used)
  • Exclusive Priority Pass (free of charge only for Gold cards)








Annual charge


Free the first year, then CHF 100 / EUR 75 / USD 75 per year


Free the first year, then CHF 200 / EUR 150 / USD 150 per year


Number of cards per main account






Spending limits (monthly minimum limits; to be specified individually per card)


CHF 2,000 / EUR 3,000 / USD 4,000


CHF 10,000 / EUR 6,000 / USD 8,000


Insurance benefits


Standard insurance services are included


Extended insurance services are included


Free-of-charge exclusive Priority Pass





Accounts and cards combined in an attractive banking package

Put together a banking package that’s tailored to your company. Accounts, cards, digital accounting with bexio and other extras are included in the package.

Don’t have a UBS account yet?

Open a business account with a credit card.

Already have a UBS account?

As a UBS client, you can apply for a credit card right away.


Main account management: CHF 100 / EUR 75 / USD 75 per year

Classic card: free the first year, then CHF 100 / EUR 75 / USD 75 per year

Gold card: free the first year, then CHF 200 / EUR 150 / USD 150 per year

Currency: CHF / EUR / USD

Minimum limit per card: from CHF 2,000 / EUR 3,000 / USD 4,000

  • Secure payments worldwide with the latest chip technology and PIN function
  • Temporarily pay for purchases below CHF 80 with the contactless feature – no PIN required
  • 3-D Secure for protecting your online credit card payments
  • Overview of card transactions in E-Banking and Mobile Banking as card owner
  • Card management as an administrator in the Commercial Cards Online portal
  • Secure, convenient payment via mobile device without cards or cash

As a cardholder, you can manage your cards easily in UBS E-Banking:

Are you already using UBS Digital Banking?

• UBS Corporate Cardholders with UBS Digital Banking

Do you have a UBS Corporate Card and access to UBS Digital Banking? Good news: you and the card administrator can also manage corporate cards in Digital Banking.

To do so, all you and the card administrator need to do is to add the corporate card to your existing Digital Banking.

• UBS Corporate Cardholders without UBS Digital Banking

With Digital Banking, you and the card administrator have access to your bills, transactions and card limits anywhere and at any time. In addition, you can block your card, request a new PIN code, order a replacement card, and set up various notifications. To register for UBS Digital Banking, use the UBS Access App.

Are you still using the Cards Online portal? Please note that the portal will shortly be shut down. We therefore recommend you switch to UBS Digital Banking now.

Nothing will change for administrators. Commercial Cards Online portal will remain the management tool until further notice.

Not registered yet?

Please contact your UBS advisor or submit a request below. Fill it out, sign it, and send it to your UBS advisor.

UBS Commercial Cards Online gives you access to every item of information regarding your Visa Corporate Cards or Business Cards.

Your company receives an annual bonus. You’ll be refunded 0.75% per annual transaction volume of 12,000 francs (10,000 euros / 12,000 US dollars), excluding fees and cash withdrawals; however the total sum refunded will be capped to the amount of annual card and main account fees paid.

Business Traveler Plus

Optional insurance package for additional insurance and better benefits.

Visa Buyer’s Card

Buyer’s Card for project- or department-related cost transparency.

Priority Pass

Access to airport experiences.