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Visa Corporate Card

Why does our company have to submit a form to open a UBS Visa Corporate Card main account when we already have a bank account with UBS?

The UBS Visa Corporate Card main account is separate from any other bank account. The details on the form are essential for opening UBS Visa Corporate Card accounts; you only have to complete the form once for your initial application.

I've just received my invoice and seen that the annual fees have been incorrectly debited twice.

The first debit is for the annual card fee. The second is for the annual main account maintenance fee.

What are the advantages of a UBS Visa Corporate Card in EUR or USD?

Many companies make most of their transactions abroad and thus have bank accounts in the currencies involved. To avoid losses due to currency conversions, we invoice directly in the relevant currency. All Visa cards can, of course, be used in all countries and for all currencies.

What are the spending limits on UBS Visa Corporate Cards?

The minimum limit for Classic Cards is CHF 2,000/ EUR 3,000/USD 4,000, and for Gold Cards CHF 10 000/EUR 6,000/USD 8,000.

I have reached the limit on my UBS Visa Corporate Card and have therefore deposited some money into my card account. Why am I still unable to use this card?

Amounts paid in to your UBS Visa Corporate Card are transferred to your company's main account, so the money is available there. We can, of course, credit the amount immediately to your card. To do this, please contact us at +41-44-828 37 37.

I can't withdraw cash with my Business Card.

Your company specified on the card application form whether employees can withdraw cash or not using their credit card. Before we can grant authorization for cash withdrawals. we need written confirmation from your company.

Can a sole proprietorship benefit from the advantages of a UBS Visa Corporate Card?

Yes. In general we can provide UBS Visa Corporate Cards for any legally recognized company, which includes sole proprietorships, foundations, associations, and similar institutions. Applications are checked on the basis of corresponding criteria. The Business Card is more suitable for smaller companies, however.

Who is authorized to request changes to addresses, set higher limits, and make other types of changes for UBS Visa Corporate Cards?

All requests for modifications must be sent in writing by fax (+41-44-828 33 76) or post to UBS Card Center (Flughofstrasse 35, P.O. Box, CH-8152 Glattbrugg) and must bear a legally valid signature.

What insurance cover does my UBS Visa Corporate Card Classic/Gold offer?

You can request detailed confirmation of your insurance by phone at any time by calling 044-828 37 37 or
by fax at 044-828 33 76.

Lottery sales (with the exception of Swisslos and Loterie Romande), competition and casino sales count as cash withdrawals on which a fee of 4% is charged. A maximum of CHF 100, EUR 100 or USD 100 is charged per transaction.

When you make a payment abroad with your company credit card in Swiss francs, an additional charge of 1.5% is made. This applies both to payments at card terminals and to payments in foreign online shops.

Our tip: Pay in the currency of the country in question – that way you will generally benefit from a more favorable exchange rate.

The processing surcharge for foreign currency transactions is 1.5%. If you pay with your card in a foreign currency, the amount will be converted to the card currency in the statement.

Our tip: Pay in the currency of the country since hotels, restaurants and stores often offer an unfavorable exchange rate.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my UBS Visa Corporate Card?

You can contact the UBS Card Center for any questions about your UBS Visa Corporate Card: Phone 044-828 37 37 or fax 044-828 33 76.

For questions about a pending card application, please contact our New Clients department: Phone 044-828 34 35 or fax 044-811 05 89.

For questions on your personal card, please call us at 044-828 35 01.

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