Change address or access authorization

Step 1:
Select authorized user

In e-banking open user administration via "Administration > User administration".

In the overview, click the authorized user for which you want to modify the address or access authorization.

Step 2:
Modify address

In the overview "User data and address", click "Edit" and then complete the required address changes.

Important: Store the mobile number of the authorized user if it is missing. This number is required to activate the Access App.

Click "Save".

A second administrator must now approve the changes (under "Documents and approval").

Step 3:
Modify access authorization

In the left navigation area, select the entry "Access authorizations" and click "Edit".

Change the access authorization for the individual services.

Click "Next" to access the next service areas. Once you have completed all modifications, click "Go to check".

Step 4:
Check details

Check the details entered and the selected access authorizations.

Click "Confirm".

Step 5:
Save changes

The changes are now saved. A second administrator must approve the changes (under "Documents and approval").