Payment and performance assurance Financing in foreign trade - for every need a suitable solution

We have the right solution for all your needs, from short-term liquidity, to financing, to hedging against risks.

UBS Trade & Export Finance

It often makes sense to use a mix of different instruments. We can offer you tailored financing and hedging solutions for your foreign trade activities.

When you’re exporting to new foreign markets from Switzerland, your primary concern will be guaranteeing payments and liquidity in the short to medium term, and hedging against risks. If you’re exporting capital goods, you’ll probably need a medium- to long-term financing facility covered by export credit insurance.

Our offering at a glance

Whether you export or import goods or services, we offer you suitable instruments for services and payments hedging as well as customized financing solutions.

Payments and services hedging, and financing

You can find further information on topics relating to foreign trade and our services on our comprehensive pages on trade and export finance.

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