Fixed assets and working capital Financial solutions for your international businesses

In order to hedge risks in international transactions and fund investment and working capital, you need to have financial resources available. The classic financing range from UBS can increase your room for maneuver when it comes to your business.

Financing for investment and working capital

Equity capital as the foundation for your activities abroad

Starting to do business abroad is often risky, and generally requires risk capital, i.e. equity capital. Financing with equity capital will give your company the flexibility you need to overcome setbacks and absorb delays. Local banks are often unwilling to provide unsecured credit, and your bank in Switzerland may be limited in its ability to offer loans for cross-border business. We can help.


Our financing solutions  for your international transactions too

Working capital financing

Traditional business loans allow you to finance working capital as well as liquidity reserves, which means you can also meet your financing needs for your business abroad.

Investment financing

Investment financing can be used for capital assets, such as the purchase of machinery or to fund the expansion of your business. It can take the form of a fixed advance or a fixed-rate loan.


Leasing can be the ideal way to benefit from capital investments in production, IT and communication facilities without having to pay upfront for them.


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