Mortgages Financing corporate real estate

Whether you seek a mortgage or building loan for your factory, office buildings, or investment properties – we offer comprehensive advice to help you finance your company's real estate. You receive both customized financing and a solid basis for planning your financial outgoings.

The right mortgage for every need

Fixed-rate mortgage

With the UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage, the capital amount, duration and interest rate are set in advance. This makes calculating costs easy. Fixed-rate mortgages are particularly worthwhile if you expect interest rates to rise.

Good to know:

  • Long-term capital and interest-rate commitment
  • Clear calculation basis due to a fixed rate of interest throughout the entire term
  • Option to fix the interest rate in advance
  • Amortization payments as set out in the loan agreement

Libor mortgage

With the UBS Libor Mortgage, we offer flexible and attractive financing for your real estate without a fixed timeframe. Particularly attractive if you expect interest rates to remain stable or fall.

Good to know:

  • Short-term capital and interest-rate commitment
  • Interest rates in line with money market developments
  • Amortization payments possible at any time at the end of the fixed-interest period, subject to the agreed notice period


Building loan

A UBS Building Loan lets you realize your construction project swiftly and with minimum stress. Regardless of whether you're planning a new building or want to convert or renovate an existing property, we can tailor our offering to your needs.

Good to know:

  • All payments are handled through your construction account
  • Free choice of how to take your building loan
  • No amortization payments during the construction phase

Real Estate / Investment properties

Capital expenditure on an investment property is a decision with far-reaching consequences. We offer professional advice and support with analysis and financing.

Good to know:

  • Financial advisory services for investment properties
  • Tailored analysis of your situation
  • Reliable support from real estate experts
  • UBS mortgages for all interest rate scenarios

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