Loans Wide range of financing options for your company

We have the right loan to support your plans - whether you need short-term liquidity or to secure the long-term future of your company. We make sure that it's quick, easy and definite, so you receive the money and can concentrate fully on your business.

Business loans ensure flexibility and liquidity

Business loans let you secure your liquidity in the value creation phase between purchase and sale. They can also be used to pre-finance goods and offset seasonal fluctuations.

Overdraft facility

Overdraft facility

The UBS overdraft facility gives you an extra liquidity reserve, allowing you to enjoy greater financial freedom and entrepreneurial flexibility.

Good to know:

  • Funds within the agreed credit limits are freely available at all times
  • Strengthens your position in rebate and discount negotiations

The UBS SME overdraft facility suits financing needs of up to CHF 500,000.

Fixed advance

Fixed advance

The UBS fixed advance gives you an extra short-term liquidity reserve. The capital amount, duration and interest rate are fixed, which makes financial planning easier.

Good to know:

  • Short-term capital and interest-rate commitment
  • Interest rates in line with money market developments
  • Tailored to meet credit needs
  • Options for interest-rate hedging upon request
  • No credit commission

Investment loans support growth and expansion

Whether you want to acquire new production facilities, modernize your IT infrastructure, or expand your vehicle fleet, we’ll advise you on the best form of financing and offer individual solutions.

Libor loan

The UBS Libor loan offers flexible and attractive financing for your investments without a fixed timeframe. Particularly attractive if you expect interest rates to remain stable or fall.

Good to know:

  • Short-term capital and interest-rate commitment
  • Interest rates in line with money market developments
  • Amortization payments possible at any time at the end of the fixed-interest period, subject to the agreed notice period

Fixed-rate loan

For medium- and long-term financing of capital investment, we offer the UBS fixed-rate loan, with the capital amount, amortization, duration and interest rate set in advance. Particularly attractive if you expect interest rates to rise.

Good to know:

  • Long-term capital and interest-rate commitment
  • Clear calculation basis due to fixed rate of interest throughout the entire term
  • Option to fix the interest rate in advance
  • Amortization payments as set out in the loan agreement

What happens to your UBS Libor Loan if the Libor no longer exists as a reference interest rate?

The use of Libor as the reference rate for Libor loans is expected to be discontinued at the end of 2021. The National Working Group on Reference Interest Rates in Swiss Francs (NWG) has recommended SARON (Swiss Average Rate Overnight) as the new reference rate for loans in Swiss francs. UBS is collaborating closely with working groups in the five Libor currency areas in order to coordinate an orderly switch to new reference interest rates in the relevant currencies.

Master credit limit increases financial leeway

By concluding a master credit limit, you agree to a fixed credit amount. You can flexibly access this amount to finance your current and non-current assets. Master credit limit for UBS Business Finance

Credit Master Limit UBS Corporate Financing

Various forms of credit are available to you within the master credit limit. In this way you can freely define the financing structure of your company.

Within the master credit limit the following forms of utilization are provided for:

  • UBS Current Account
  • UBS Fixed Advance
  • UBS Libor Loan
  • UBS Fixed-Rate Loan
  • UBS Deposits for provision of bank guarantees
  • UBS Documentary Credits for opening or confirming letters of credit

Good to know:

  • You can access freely available and structurable total financing at any time (master credit limit)
  • Resources within the agreed master credit limit are freely available

Alternatives to traditional credit

Leasing is an attractive, cost-effective option for stable long-term financing of mobile investment goods. You keep your business options open and can seize growth opportunities.

Hedging interest rate risks

When it comes to long-term financing, it makes sense to consider the risk of rising interest costs. We can show you how to choose the right products, or use interest rate derivatives to hedge against interest rate risks.

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