Leasing for SMEs Online leasing at attractive conditions

What you need when applying:

  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Annual financial accounts for the last two years (in PDF, Word or Excel format)

Requirements: financing up to a maximum CHF 500,000


  • Financial security
  • Flexibility for your company
  • Price advantage

Financing of mobile capital goods, such as

  • Commercial vehicles, touring coaches
  • Tools, printers, construction equipment
  • Production lines
  • Medical devices, laboratory and medical practice equipment


  • Actively operating company domiciled in Switzerland
  • Leasing of up to CHF 500,000, for a period of up to five years
  • Company is not part of a group of companies
  • UBS is the main bank (payment transactions)


Leased objects

Mobile capital goods




2–5 years; the term is based on the duration of the object's economic lifetime

Residual value

Generally 0.5% of the purchase price

Leasing rate

Calculated individually; can be on a straight-line, seasonal or declining-balance basis

Unique features

The optimum date on which to start the lease can be defined; currency and interest rate risks can be hedged; sale and lease-back possible

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