Leasing For more entrepreneurial freedom

The more dynamic the economic environment, the more vital it is to maintain your company’s freedom to act. Leasing is increasingly important as it offers long-term, stable, and inexpensive financing while giving you and your company the flexibility to exploit growth opportunities.

The key benefits of leasing

  • You boost your financial security, as leasing is the most stable type of financing over the long term
  • You gain entrepreneurial flexibility, as you don't have to dip into other sources of financing, which remain as reserves
  • You enjoy a price advantage, as the object you are leasing is used for calculating interest, which is to your benefit
  • You can budget on the basis of fixed costs, as the leasing payments are known in advance and do not change over the duration of the agreement

Finding the right leasing product

Capital goods leasing

Capital goods leasing

Inexpensive financing for mobile capital goods that preserves your liquidity.

Your benefits:

  • Greater financial security
  • More entrepreneurial flexibility
  • Price advantage


Simple pre-financing of receivables from non-terminable rental or leasing agreements for capital goods.

Your benefits:

  • Additional liquidity
  • Less administration
  • A way to lower del credere risks
Corporate Aircraft Finance

Corporate Aircraft Finance

Tailored financing of new or used private jets.

Your benefits:

  • Efficient use of your liquidity 
  • Individual, efficient service
  • Choice of short- or long-term fixed interest rates
  • In-depth expertise and years of experience


Calculate your leasing rate directly and apply online for financing

Enter a few details to calculate your monthly leasing payments, or apply for leasing quickly and easily. We will help you make your business plans a reality.


Alternatives to leasing

Other options for financing investment

Leasing partnership with UBS

Leasing partnership with UBS

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