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This information and download center offers you a collection of our broad range of publications, documents and resources for all your needs. We also show you what partnerships we cultivate in the business world, especially with the SEF.



Client magazine
Our UBS Impulse magazine and e-newsletter are written for SME owners and decision-makers. Subscription is free of charge, and gives you interesting information, company portraits, and in-depth analysis several times a year.

Management and industry studies
Our “UBS outlook” management and sector-oriented publications and events are aimed at decision-makers in companies and institutions. They offer objective information and thought-provoking ideas on important topics.

Brochure companies

How much bank does a company need? Every company is unique and has its own specific needs. That’s why every company places different demands on its bank. This brochure will give you an overview of many of our services.

Documents and resources by topic area

Payment transactions and cash management
Product information sheets, brochures, application forms, resources and publications on accounts, cards, payment transactions, and cash management.

Product information sheets, brochures, and links on investment accounts, money market and fiduciary investments, structured products, and other investment topics.

International transactions
Information on countries, currencies and business practices, as well as brochures, checklists and seminars with tips on international business.

Corporate finance
A guide and checklists on corporate finance topics, plus project references from our Corporate Real Estate Advisory team.

Company foundation
Guides, templates, checklists and other resources on issues relating to founding a company, plus links to relevant offices and organizations.

A guide, checklists and other resources on issues related to succession, as well as investor referral offers.

Retirement planning
Information sheets, forms, publications, and additional information on retirement planning and UBS retirement products.

Our commitments


Our partnerships with well-known associations, networks and platforms are an expression of our commitment to the Swiss economy. Thanks to these relationships we gain valuable information on future developments and requirements.

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