ISO 20022 test platform Are you ready for the Swiss payment transaction switch?
Sind Sie bereit für die Umstellung des Schweizer Zahlungsverkehrs?

Our test platform will help you to validate and simulate your software for ISO 20022.

The UBS Payment Standards test platform lets you run a detailed simulation of the client-bank interface. The test platform checks the compliance of the generated client-to-bank reports (validation) and creates bank-to-client reports (simulation) in line with the Swiss Business Rules and with Swiss and our own Implementation Guidelines. This shows you whether the ISO reports have been correctly implemented and if the data exchange with UBS is working correctly in terms of ISO processing.



Please note:

  • You must register prior to using the test platform.
  • Using your user name and password, you can access the test platform and upload your test files to your user account. The files will be checked. The validation results will show you information, recommendations and errors in the file.
  • The output file simulation lets you use your uploaded test files to generate camt- and pain.002 messages and synchronize them with your software.

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