Harmonization of payment transactions The standard for Swiss payment transactions is ISO 20022

By 2020, Swiss payment transaction processes will be digitalized – and simplified. Switch your company to the new standard in good time.

Harmonization of payment transactions

What will change for you?

The globally recognized ISO 20022 standard is replacing and harmonizing all previous payment transaction formats and processes. Paying-in slips and discontinuities in media will be a thing of the past. Payment processes will be thoroughly digitalized and become much more efficient and cost-effective for everyone involved. We'll be happy to help you make the switch.

Your benefits at a glance

  • You can communicate more easily and quickly with your bank – and vice-versa
  • The harmonized data structure and fully automated processes greatly simplify your payment systems
  • You can recognize and correct errors immediately when entering payment information in UBS e-banking and your software – which saves you from time-consuming follow-up inquiries
  • You receive your payment notifications faster - which optimizes your cash management

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Schedule for the entire switchover

Schedule for the entire switchover

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