Harmonization of payment transactions The future of Swiss payment transactions is ISO 20022

Swiss payment transactions will be switched to the ISO 20022 standard by 2020. This international standard creates a stable foundation for the future and simplifies processes. Every company in Switzerland will benefit from the harmonization of Swiss payment transactions.

One standard for everyone and everything

One standard for everyone and everything

Countless standards, procedures and formats for payments, direct debits and receipts are currently used for Swiss payment transactions. To remove this inefficiency, the Swiss financial center is working towards gradual harmonization. Swiss payment transactions are moving closer to the SEPA procedure used across Europe which are also based on ISO 20022.

We have been involved in the international standardization process since the start, which is why we have many years of experience with ISO 20022.

The upcoming harmonization of payment transactions will impact every Swiss company. The introduction of the new, harmonized procedures will take place gradually over the coming years; although the current procedures will continue to be available during a transitional phase.

The most important information at a glance


Direct debits

Harmonization of the transfer procedures of banks and PostFinance.

Consolidation of Swiss direct debits.

Procedures will be harmonized as far as possible with the rules of the European SEPA Credit Transfer Scheme (ISO 20022).

e-billing will be promoted and combined with a new direct debit solution.

Transfer procedures

Direct debits

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