UBS Gateway Account Your access to the Europe-wide payment transactions

Are you a Swiss firm operating internationally, or a foreign company with business operations in Switzerland? With our UBS Gateway Account you have access to Europe-wide payment transactions.

How you benefit with a UBS Gateway Account

  • Simplified Europe-wide cash management thanks to automated centralization of your cash reserves in euros in Switzerland
  • Rapid availability of all liquid assets in euros in Switzerland
  • Simple and clear administration of your accounts
  • Management of your UBS Gateway Account via UBS e-banking and UBS KeyPort

The UBS Gateway Account at a glance

Our offer consists of two accounts in euros: a Gateway Account with UBS Switzerland and a local account with UBS Germany. You can use the Gateway Account to make payments in euros from Switzerland to European countries at the same cost as payments made within Europe.

By using the UBS Gateway Account via UBS Germany in combination with SEPA, you can cover the whole of Europe. If you’re looking to centralize your euro reserves in Switzerland and manage all your euro transactions through a single account, this is the ideal solution.

Ask us about the UBS Gateway Account

UBS Client Management Corporations will be glad to answer your questions and put you in touch with our cash management specialists. Call us at +41 (0) 844 853 002 or arrange an appointment.

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