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With the UBS Visa Corporate Card, your company benefits from more efficient expenses and travel management. This page has all the forms you need to apply for your UBS Visa Corporate Card and any additional cards.

Apply for a Visa Corporate Card


First-time application or additional currency

Visa Corporate Card already available in the corresponding currency


Application to open a main account (PDF, 1 MB)



Complete the form in full and sign it. Please enclose an original excerpt from the Commercial Register.

Card application UBS Visa Corporate Card / Buyer's Card (PDF, 922 KB)



In the application, you can stipulate which currency you require for each individual cardholder (CHF, EUR, USD). Note that you need a main account for each currency.

Application Business Traveler Plus (PDF, 298 KB)



Application for cardholders of a UBS Visa Corporate Card. Complete the form in full and sign it.

Application Air Plus



Information and advice at


Complete or modify the list of authorized signatories

List of authorized signatories (PDF, 94 KB)

The list of authorized signatories must be completed by domiciliary companies and other legal entities when the company documentation does NOT make clear which persons are authorized to sign for the company. The signatures of all bodies, auxiliary staff and third parties authorized to sign in respect of UBS Switzerland AG must be listed. Please also use this form for changes to the list of authorized signatories.


LSV+ direct debit authorization

LSV+ in CHF (PDF, 692 KB)
LSV+ in EUR (PDF, 699 KB)

Your payments will be made automatically and on time with LSV+ direct debit authorization.

Return the application

Please send your completed forms to:
UBS Switzerland AG
Flughofstrasse 35
P.O. Box
8152 Glattbrugg


Contact customer service

Any questions on how to complete your card application? Our customer service team will be happy to help: phone +41 44-828 37 37

You can find additional information in our FAQ and Factsheet (PDF, 218 KB).