Test platform ISO 20022 and QR-bill

Data exchange via UBS E-Banking

Register for the test platform

With the UBS PaymentStandards test platform, you can test your software for ISO 20022 compliance.

The platform also validates and generates QR-bills, including payment data mapping in a pain.001. payment order.

Before you submit an ISO 20022 file or QR-payment via UBS E-Banking or obtain camt messages, we recommend that you validate it first on our test platform.

Any errors in the ISO 20022 file or QR-bill are displayed and annotated on the test platform. This way you know exactly what you need to do to rectify an error yourself.

Können Sie einen Fehler nicht selbst beheben, leiten Sie uns bitte das getestete XML-File oder die QR-Rechnung aus der Testplattform via Secure E-Mail in UBS E-Banking weiter.

The procedure is described in our short manual:

To make it easier for you to implement the updates, you can find the most important documents all in one place here.

You can find practical information and tips on how to use the ISO test platform and new payment and account reporting notifications in the ISO 20022 format standard in our FAQs for each channel:

For other concerns, please contact us by phone.