Accept card payments any time, anywhere

It's that easy

1. Register

Visit and order the card terminal for the special price of just CHF 49* for UBS clients (instead of CHF 69).

2. Download

Download the free app onto your smart phone or tablet from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

3. Install

Connect the card terminal to your smart phone or tablet using Bluetooth, open the SumUp app, log in, and your customers can start paying by card immediately.

What our clients say about SumUp

"Thanks to SumUp, my clients can pay quickly and easily by card after their yoga class – with complete peace of mind. It's the ideal payment solution for my business."

Christina Hottinger, Founder of YOGA LAB, Zurich

"SumUp is an easy and user friendly payment solution for my showroom as well as when you are mobile. I sometimes do pop-up stores in other locations to reach new customers and SumUp is simple to use wherever I go."

Katrine Riekehr, Owner of Cabane Blanche, Nyon

"Our couriers have SumUp with them all the time. Our clients can use it to pay for their pizza easily by card, and it means less work for us because we don't have to deal with cash."

Maya Prachar, Manager of Pizza Master, Berne

SumUp Air: turn your smartphone into a cash register

The cashier system to go

Whether you are a pizza delivery service, booth operator, small retail business, manual laborer, caterer or taxi driver – you too can simplify your business with SumUp’s mobile card terminal. Keeping change and cash reserves are no longer an issue, and you never have to send your customers to an ATM again. Your customers can use the Air card terminal to pay even the smallest amounts by card – contactless and wireless as well. The terminal connects to a smart phone or tablet using Bluetooth, and features state-of-the-art NFC technology.

Special offer for UBS clients

Get the SumUp Air terminal for a special price of CHF 49* for UBS clients (instead of CHF 69).

Your benefits with SumUp Air

SumUp Point of Sale: the bigger solution

Your benefits with SumUp Point of Sale

Are you looking for a simple, affordable and reliable checkout solution for your business? Then SumUp is also right for you. The “Point of Sale” (POS) cash register system is a complete package consisting of the “Point of Sale” app, cloud and hardware. The latter comprises an iPad Air with a wooden stand, the wireless Air card terminal, a cash drawer, a receipt printer and a router.

Special offer for UBS clients

There is a one-time hardware costs of CHF 1,150 for UBS clients (instead of the regular price of CHF 1,300), plus the annual fees for the Starter package amounting to CHF 599.