Security deposits Safe custody and efficient management of securities for businesses

Is the safekeeping and efficient administration of your company's securities important to you? If so, our custody account is the ideal solution.

The benefits of a custody account

  • Your securities are protected against loss, theft, damage or destruction
  • All the work involved in securities transactions is done for you
  • You receive all the necessary company information and documentation promptly
  • Strict monitoring of your orders
  • Access to other services, such as Lombard loans and investment and financial advice

Custody account at a glance

  • Safe custody of all types of securities
  • Immediate crediting to your account of income; you automatically receive a clearly structured statement of your interest, dividends and repayments
  • On your instructions: acquisition of shares from capital increases; exercise of options and conversion rights; handling of share splits, stock dividends and distributions of free shares, etc
  • On request: organization of attendance and voting cards; representation of your interests at general meetings
  • Detailed asset statements in printed form or via Online Services, provided regularly to keep you informed on your assets' performance

Open a custody account

Is your company already a UBS client? To open a custody account, please contact your client advisor or Corporate Banking Client Management.

Is your company not yet a UBS client? A custody account can only be opened in combination with a UBS account. Please contact a UBS client advisor for an appointment.

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