Investment financing Individual solutions for investment financing

To consolidate your market position and stay competitive in future, your company needs to invest in plant and machinery. Whether you want to acquire new machines, modernize your IT infrastructure, or expand your vehicle fleet, we will analyze your situation with you and advise whether it makes more sense for your company to finance the investment via a loan or a lease. Naturally, we will support your plans with an individual solution tailored to your business.

Financing with investment loans

Your capital equipment is the basis for the production and transport of your products and services. We can advise you on the best form of financing and offer individual solutions.

Libor loan

With the UBS Libor loan, we offer flexible and attractive financing for your investments without a fixed timeframe. Particularly attractive if you expect interest rates to remain stable or fall.

Good to know:

  • Short-term capital and interest-rate commitment
  • Interest rates in line with money market developments
  • Amortization payments possible at any time at the end of the fixed-interest period, subject to the agreed notice period

Fixed-rate loan

For medium- and long-term financing of capital investment, we offer the UBS fixed-rate loan, with the capital amount, amortization, duration and interest rate set in advance. Particularly attractive if you expect interest rates to rise.

Good to know:

  • Long-term capital and interest-rate commitment
  • Clear calculation basis due to the fixed rate of interest throughout the entire term
  • Option to fix the interest rate in advance
  • Amortization payments as set out in the loan agreement

Financing with leasing

The more dynamic the economic environment, the more vital it is to maintain your company’s freedom to act. Leasing is becoming increasingly important, especially when the aim is to achieve long-term, stable and inexpensive financing while keeping the flexibility to exploit growth opportunities.

Capital goods leasing

Inexpensive financing for mobile capital goods that preserves your liquidity.

Good to know:

  • Greater financial security
  • More entrepreneurial flexibility
  • Secure planning thanks to fixed costs
  • Price advantage


Hassle-free pre-financing of receivables from non-terminable rental or leasing agreements for capital goods.

Good to know:

  • Additional liquidity
  • Less administration
  • A way to lower del credere risks

The right financing for your company

financing for your company

Apply online for an overdraft facility or leasing arrangement for your capital goods – it's quick and easy. We'll get back to you within 48 hours.

Hedging interest rate risks

When it comes to long-term financing, it makes sense to consider the risk of rising interest costs. We can show you how to choose the right products, or use interest rate derivatives to hedge against interest rate risks.

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