Liquidity planning

Manage your company’s liquidity comfortably online

The Liquidity Cockpit in E-Banking is an efficient liquidity management tool for your company.
It gives you an overview of past and current liquidity and helps you plan ahead for your future liquidity.

Liquidity cockpit at a glance

Up to date

Compare data automatically between E-Banking, Liquidity Cockpit and bexio


Expected income and expenditures and the resulting liquidity


Enter your company’s planned figures and personalize your liquidity management

  • Function that you can activate free of charge in E-Banking
  • You’ll need the bexio business software to take advantage of the Cockpit
  • Optimize your liquidity planning with individual planned figures and get timely warnings

Want access to the Liquidity Cockpit?

First, link the bexio business software to your E-Banking under "Products". This will activate your Liquidity Cockpit under "Liquidity".

Tips for optimal use

Liquidity plan template

As an alternative to the Liquidity Cockpit, we also offer a liquidity plan as a free Excel template.