Startup Academy Switzerland

Connect. Learn. Grow. It’s time to start up.

  • The Startup Academy supports entrepreneurs from the initial idea to the successful implementation of their business model. And we do it at a regional and national level through events, coaching and support programs for start-ups and scale-ups.

Startup Academy Switzerland at a glance


Brown bags, venture caffès, networking events – there are plenty of opportunities to gain knowledge, experience and input.

Coaching sessions

Arrange a 60-90 minute coaching conversation with an expert at one of the eight locations.

Startup and scale-up support programs

Two comprehensive programs for the start (0-24 months) and the expansion (24-60 months) phases. Mentors and experts are provided.

See what customers say

Mirjam Affolter, Community Happiness MyCamper AG

I met the founder of MyCamper through the Startup Academy Basel – and that's how I became a co-founder.

Andres Maurer, mentor and UBS employee

Through Startup Academy, I can support budding entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and am inspired by their passion and zest for action.

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Startup Academy Switzerland

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