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UBS Online Services offer attractive functions

  • Access to financial information and publications on investment ideas and securities trading
  • A constant overview of your personal accounts and assets
  • The ability to make payments
  • Control over your UBS Credit Cards
  • Notifications by push message, SMS, or e-mail, according to your instructions
  • Management of your portfolio, and notification if there are deviations from your investment strategy

Banking at any time and anywhere

UBS Online Services give you a wealth of options. You can manage your assets, actively trade securities, and access information on the international financial markets with Quotes, including a wide range of research reports and publications. And do all this from your computer at home, or on the move with your smartphone or tablet.

UBS e-banking: banking transactions anytime and anywhere

With e-banking, you can take care of your banking transactions conveniently whenever you want and wherever you are. So you can keep a constant eye on your assets and enjoy complete transparency. UBS e-banking is secure and above all, very simple. It also gives you access to a wide range of functions.

UBS Mobile Banking – bank to go

With Mobile Banking, you can handle your banking transactions whenever you have time and wherever you are. You have a constant overview of your accounts, assets, and credit card transactions. You can also make payments, trade securities, and do a lot more.

UBS Quotes: the latest financial information

Quotes informs you round the clock about the latest market activity in the world's major trading centers. As a UBS client, you get exclusive access to comprehensive financial information and publications by UBS analysts. You can also put together a virtual portfolio of all your financial instruments and automatically receive notifications on due dates and price changes.

UBS Advice – now also online

UBS Advice – now also online

As a UBS Advice client, you can now also manage your portfolio conveniently in e-banking. For example, you can see the results of your UBS Portfolio Health Check and get investment suggestions if there are deviations from your investment strategy. If you’ve registered for the notification service, you’ll be informed by SMS or e-mail whenever deviations occur. You can also get an overview of your assets and detailed information about your portfolio. So you can check the performance of your portfolio whenever you want to.

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