The basis for building your wealth

Funds are the basis on which to build your long-term wealth. We give you access to high-quality, global investment funds with which you can benefit from opportunities on the international financial markets.

Fund at a glance

A wide choice

Access to UBS Funds and selected third-party funds

Strict selection process

Evaluation and selection according to strict UBS criteria

Constant monitoring

The funds in question are constantly monitored

Which investment solution is right for me?


With UBS Strategy Funds, you lay a foundation for sustainable investments. You invest exclusively in bonds and equities.

The fund with a certain extra

With UBS Strategy Xtra Funds, you invest your money in stocks and bonds. To complement your portfolio, you also invest in hedge funds.

Swiss focus

With UBS Suisse Funds your focus is on Swiss assets and you invest mainly in Swiss stocks, bonds and real estate.

Development of the Strategy Funds

How do Strategy Funds perform?

In our bi-annual video analyses, our investment specialists tell you which factors have influenced performance. Would you like to be notified when a new video is available?

UBS Systematic Allocation Portfolio Funds

Funds for every market situation

Stocks can yield better results in the long term than other asset classes. The more flexible the investment strategy, the higher its potential in different market situations. The “UBS Systematic Allocation Portfolio” funds invest according to the model of the UBS WM Chief Investment Office (CIO), which manages the equity ratio and corresponding changes in the portfolio.

UBS Systematic Allocation Portfolio Funds

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