UBS Optio 1e Collective Foundation

Joint retirement provision – individual strategy. Our modern pension fund solution for the extra-mandatory occupational pension scheme

Our expertise

UBS Optio 1e offers individually tailored, needs-based options for all usage requirements. You benefit from our end-to-end solution both for company-specific solutions and within our collective foundation. Beneficiaries can invest in a wide range of structured investment solutions via institutional funds or investment foundations managed by Equatex. They can also make use of our advisory services.

Our defining characteristics

Simple structure: Our 1e solution caters for the fact that you have little time due to your diverse responsibilities.

Individual choice: The UBS Optio 1e Collective Foundation offers a high level of flexibility due to the range of choice on offer.

Transparent costs: We offer cost-efficient investment strategies with no hidden costs.

Our strategies

UBS Optio 1e offers six tax-efficient strategies under collective affiliation:

Portfolio composition of strategies of choice

For Optio 1e individual affiliation: 

UBS Asset Management offers around 300 actively managed and 100 passively managed funds with which tailor-made investment solutions can be put together within the framework of BVV2 (economies of scale must be observed) – whether for affiliation with the UBS Optio 1e Collective Foundation or a company-specific pension fund. 

The individual investment strategies are implemented via tax- and cost-efficient UBS collective investments.

Further information 

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