Return-oriented investing

Earn regular income with UBS Manage Advanced [Switzerland – Income]

Generate stable returns from interest, dividends and call-overwriting with a local focus, without neglecting global diversification.

What I want – stable income and a Swiss focus

I want my investments to generate stable returns. I’m willing to sacrifice some upside potential in return for income and a downside buffer.

I prefer investments that explicitly look at Switzerland as a business location, taking local factors and strengths into account.

I want global investment opportunities to round out my portfolio.

Your benefits at a glance

Benefit from the full power of delegation yet remain flexible by customizing your portfolio according to your preferences.

  • Focus on generating earnings from interest, dividends, and call-overwriting
  • Focus on optimizing your after-tax returns
  • Global portfolio with dedicated allocation to Swiss assets
  • Personalized portfolio notifications including a separate section in E-Banking

How can I generate stable income from my investments?

Achieve your financial goals by Investing with UBS in assets that focus on earning a regular income from interest and dividends.

There for you when you need us

Do you have questions, or would you like to arrange a consultation? Our advisory team will be happy to help you.