Investor profile

Define your investment goals with us

Our advice is based on your personal wishes and goals, which is why we develop your investor profile in consultation with you. We take note of your current financial situation and discuss your investment goals and risk appetite.

Investor profile

Investor profile at a glance


Comprehensive overview of asset values, liabilities, income and expenses.


Estimate of your personal loss capacity.


Set goals for your portfolio based on your risk tolerance.

How we create your investor profile

1. Analysis of your financial situation

This includes information about your assets, income and expenses.

2. Definition of your investment goals

For example, reserves for when you reach retirement age or for major outlays.

3. Calculation of your investment requirements

Your personal wishes determine the direction of your investment strategy.

Your investments in the best hands

Invest with UBS and decide how much advice you want and what decisions you’d rather make yourself. 

Because a personal conversation is worth a lot

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