Invest dynamically

With UBS Manage Advanced [Systematic Allocation]

The aim of UBS Manage Advanced [Systematic Allocation] is to increase your portfolio’s equity component when markets go up and reduce it when they go down.

Benefits at a glance


Rule-based equity component management


Risk reduction when market developments are negative

Four investment classes

Liquidity, bonds, equities and hedge funds

  • Selection of investment instruments that consider post-tax returns
  • Personalized notifications regarding your portfolio, including a separate E-Banking page.

How can I invest flexibly?

Find your bearings on the global stock markets and achieve your financial goals.

UBS Manage Advanced [Systematic Allocation] uses rule-based decision models to increase your portfolio’s equity component when the market improves so you benefit more from rising share prices. Conversely, the equity component is reduced in times of higher risk and when markets are on a downward trend.

Overview of investment solutions

Learn more about our other investment solutions that you can tailor to your needs and assets. This is the most efficient way to achieve your financial goals.

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