Women’s Wealth

Your finances in your hands – that’s what UBS Women’s Wealth is all about.

Financial know-how is the key to making proactive financial decisions. That’s why UBS Women’s Wealth helps women acquire or consolidate extensive financial know-how. You can then make confident and well-founded decisions and take responsibility for your financial future. Because when it comes to financial planning, being a woman makes a difference.

Women and finances

Fact 1: a higher life expectancy

In Switzerland, women generally live four years longer than men. This means your retirement savings must be sufficient for a longer retirement. In addition, a longer investment horizon will influence your investment strategy.

Fact 2: more part-time work

Women in Switzerland are more likely than men to work part time. As a result, your occupational pension may not adequately cover your future liquidity needs and must increasingly be supplemented by private retirement savings.

Fact 3: a more cautious approach to investing

Women tend to see assets more as a source of security than as an opportunity. They want to feel safe against unforeseen events. As a result, women are less prepared to take risks when investing on the financial market.

Our financial know-how for women

With over 160 years of experience providing wealth advice, UBS offers women extensive, in-depth knowledge of relevant financial topics through the Women’s Wealth Academy. You can read the latest news on retirement, assets, careers and family in our online magazine, continue your education with our personalized learning paths or keep up to date with our newsletter.

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Sandra Huber-Schütz is on a mission

Sandra Huber-Schütz is Vice Chairwomen and responsible for UBS Women’s Wealth in Switzerland. She has worked in the financial industry for over 30 years. Sandra really wants to see more and more women get to grips with their finances over the long term. The Women’s Wealth Academy offers a range of interesting content that motivates people to take responsibility for their own finances.

Portrait of Sandra Huber Schütz

Long-term financial matters like saving for retirement are also very important for women. We want to motivate women to take their finances into their own hands.

Because a personal conversation is worth a lot

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