Sustainable investing

Responsible, sustainable investing

100% sustainable, 100% preferred

Sustainable investments are not just good for the planet and society – they also offer attractive returns. They are our most important recommendation for private clients who invest globally.

  • Sustainability: You invest exclusively in companies and organizations that act responsibly and sustainably.
  • Returns: You obtain returns similar to those from conventional investments.
  • Growth: You benefit from one of the fastest growing areas in finance.
  • Expertise: You benefit from our know-how and more than 15 years of experience in sustainable investing.
  • UBS House View as basis: We retain an overview and are clear about strategic and tactical positioning.

How can I make a difference?

Invest sustainably with UBS and harmonize your returns with your values.

Do good with our sustainable investment solutions

UBS Manage [Sustainable Investing]

Your wealth impacts the environment and society in a positive way. You benefit from partnerships with leading pioneers for sustainable investments.

UBS Manage
[My Way]

You define your individual investment portfolio with sustainable and/or other modules. And we take care of the day-to-day management of your assets.

UBS Advice [Sustainable Investing]

You align your portfolio with your values and make a positive ecological and social impact in addition to financial returns – with our advice.

How are today’s Swiss investors investing?

Investors from Switzerland want to make a difference, but only a few are choosing sustainable investments. Many are put off by opaque terminology and the unknown impact of sustainable investments. An internal survey of Swiss clients in February 2021 showed that:

Sustainable investing: frequently asked questions

Why UBS?

UBS is a strong partner who supports you and shares your values: We work with experts and organizations from around the world to promote sustainable projects. And you can always rely on our team of professionals to help you do more – for your finances and for the world.

Philanthropy with impact

For example, through the UBS Optimus Foundation, you can help give children in need a better life. Our philanthropy experts will be happy to show you the most effective ways to invest your wealth.

Commitment to the environment

The road to a low-carbon economy begins on our own doorstep. We want to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 and help stabilize global temperatures.

Sustainable investing insights

Take a closer look at the world of sustainable investments – and discover the difference it could make for you.

Because a personal conversation is worth a lot

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