Investing money

Successful investing tailored to you

Don’t leave your portfolio to chance

What level of risk are you willing to take? And what are your investment goals? Together we’ll find a suitable investment strategy and help you on the way to a tailored portfolio.

What are your goals?

Tell us your goals and wishes for the future and we’ll develop the appropriate strategy.

How do you design your portfolio?

We offer you a broad range of products to design your portfolio in a way that makes sense for you.

How would you like to invest?

Whether sustainably, with a Swiss focus or according to your personal preferences, the choice is yours.

Wealth Way – Your individual investment concept

What are your life goals? How do you plan to achieving them? And what worries you the most? Talk to us about your goals and challenges, and together we’ll find out what matters most to you – using our Wealth Way consulting approach.

Investment information worth knowing

The observation and analysis of different markets and their participants is one of our core responsibilities. We share our detailed findings with you in special publications.

Because a personal conversation is worth a lot

What can we do for you? We’re happy to address your concerns directly. You can contact us in the following ways: