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Build your wealth by investing strategically

What matters most to you: sustainability, growth or returns? Your personal needs, preferences and goals alone determine what solution is right for you. You set the goals – we go after them.

Our investment solutions at a glance

  • Personal investment advice: Detailed analysis of your personal goals and preferences and an annual review of your investment strategy.
  • Delegate or make your own decisions: You can delegate investment decisions to our experts or determine which decisions you wish to make yourself.
  • Monitoring and notifications: Weekly review with our Portfolio Health Check and investment opportunity alerts.
  • Global market information: Background information on developments on the financial markets worldwide.
  • UBS House View as a basis: Our opinion regarding strategic and tactical positioning.

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Other investment products

In addition to traditional investment instruments like shares and bonds, you can choose from a wide range of additional investment products. These are ideal for expanding your portfolio in a sensible and individual manner.

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