"Natural wonders"

Switzerland has something for everyone, not least its own citizens. In 2018, Swiss residents were the largest share of tourists, making up 46.5 per cent of 19,353,083 arrivals in total. Top destinations are Zurich, taking 8.9 per cent of hotel overnights; Geneva, with 5.6 per cent; Zermatt, at 3.7 per cent; Luzern, at 3.6 per cent; and Basel, at 3.5 per cent.

The winter season 2018/2019 achieved the best result since 2007/2008 with a total of 16.7 million overnight stays. The biggest increase in the number of guests was in the canton of Graubünden and Swiss travellers accounted for 47.3 percent of winter stays. Swiss tourists counted mountains as their biggest draw (64.8 per cent). Nature enticed 54.6 per cent, relaxation attracted 44 per cent, panoramas brought 39.9 per cent and quiet drew 35.8 per cent. 

Did you know?

  • 100 per cent of UBS's CO2 emissions from air travel have been offset with certified projects since 2007.
  • 42,600 hours is the amount of time more than 4,500 employees throughout Switzerland served as volunteers for charitable organizations in 2018, some of which were spent maintaining nature parks and reserves.

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