Women and finances

It’s time to own your worth. Let’s talk money.

Even today, half of women leave big financial decisions to their spouse or partner. For our third Own your worth report, we wanted to find out: do men play a role in women’s behavior? Can men help change the dynamic? We discovered that it will take both women and men to turn the tide. Take a look at the findings—and the solution to help couples share decisions.

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Building bridges, breaking barriers

Why do only 20% of couples participate in financial decisions equally?

Equality calls for sharing decisions equally

Both women and men agree that for society to achieve true gender equality, women need to start participating in finances. The good news is that couples are ready to step up and start making decisions together. And once they do, they will have more confidence in their financial future. Download the full report for a blueprint to help women—and all investors—get involved with decisions that impact their financial future.

Previous research

Find out how women across generations approach financial decisions that impact their futures.

Most women and men want to make decisions together

88% of men want their wife involved and 67% of women agree, suggesting hope for progress.

Time constraints and indifference may prevent women from getting involved

90% of men say their spouse or partner isn't interested in getting involved with financial decisions, and 73% of women agree. 84% of men and 78% of women say that's because women are too busy to take it on.

Couples who make decisions together are more confident about the future

70% of couples believe sharing in decisions would foster confidence and financial security. Women in particular would feel more prepared in case something happened to their spouse, such as illness, disability or death.


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    Balancing life’s financial challenges while caring for kids and aging parents.

    Turning a new page
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    Learn how investors can help improve equality in the workplace.

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    Watch highlights from women who share what they’ve learned about relationships, money, financial empowerment and investing in yourself.

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      Real life, real stories

      Candid conversations about the benefits of equal participation in financial matters—and the costs of not being involved.

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      • Why do women defer long-term financial decisions?
      • Why do men lead on long-term financial decisions?
      • The benefits of equal partnership
      • The costs of not being involved
      • Lessons learned 
      • Male allyship

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            Own Your Worth 2020

              Own your worth 2020

              An all-star line-up—featuring Billie Jean King, Lisa Leslie, Paula Polito, Paulina Porizkova, Elaine Welteroth and Dr. Jill Yavorsky—shares their own stories of money, power and resilience.

              Financial participation

              Tips and tools, without jargon or complexity, starting with a quiz that identifies each person's money language and ideas for how to begin your financial journey.

              Money Move Quiz

              Money Move Quiz

              What's your money language?

              We all know one size does not fit all, and that goes for your financial planning too. Learn your language and make the money move that’s right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got some ideas.

              Top 10 Money Moves

              Welcome to the money table

              You belong in this seat, and you're just getting started. Big or small, your next money move takes you even further. Money moves are action steps that get you involved with your finances, and we have plenty for you to choose from. Wherever you are, there's a money move to make. So, let's get started.

              You can't make your dream come true if you don't know what it looks like. Figure out what truly matters to you, and what you want in your future. 

              These are the moves that keep you moving. They have a positive ripple effect across everything you do, and set you up for larger decisions.

              Make these moves today for the life you want tomorrow. A little bit of action now could grow and build, paying off later (in a big way).


              When you're moving cash forward you may need cash to fall back on.

              Consider saving and keeping some cash for an adequate emergency fund.

              Money Talk

              When you open the lines of communication early and often, money talks don’t have to be contentious. UBS research shows that partners who share financial decisions feel more positive about the future and less anxious about money.1

              Cash Cushion

              If you need to help care for someone else down the road, you may want to increase your cash to cover their needs as well. Contact a Financial Advisor to help you plan.

              Money talk guides



              Money talk guides

              Our fill-in-the-blank money talk guides are the perfect way to organize your thoughts when it comes to commonly avoided conversations. Start planning now.

              Kickstart guides

              Money Beliefs 

              These conversations are tricky. You and your partner may have different ideas about what you want your money to do, both now and after you're gone. If you understand why your partner feels differently, it will be easier to come to an agreement. Use this Kickstart Guide to help start a conversation that gets to the root of both your values.

              New Financial Goals

              It’s time to reevaluate how your financial goals fit with the goals you have for your life. Meeting with a Financial Advisor can help you build a comprehensive plan and remove some anxieties around the unknown. Here is a list of questions to talk with a Financial Advisor about right now:

              Financial Dreams 

              Dreaming about what you want your money to do can be fun. Use this Financial Dreams Kickstart Guide to get going.

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