Through your Financial Advisor, you have access to a range of investment solutions offered by UBS Asset Managers of Puerto Rico, a division of UBS Trust Company of Puerto Rico.

UBS Asset Managers of Puerto Rico's mission is to deliver innovative wealth management solutions designed to meet a client's investment objectives over time.

UBS Asset Managers of Puerto Rico advises and co-advises closed-end and open-end funds.1 These funds address a variety of investor needs and include equity and fixed-income funds.

For more information regarding UBS Puerto Rico Funds or the UBS Asset Managers of Puerto Rico, please contact us at 1-800-221-9825 or read our Informative Brochure (PDF, 168 KB). For a Spanish version of the Informative brochure, click here (PDF, 178 KB).

For important information regarding liquidity, secondary market trading, pricing and other considerations with respect to the closed-end funds, please review our disclosure statement (PDF, 60 KB). For the Spanish version, click here (PDF, 62 KB).