Make Your Mark

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How do you want to change your world? Figure out the type of impact you want to have, and the people or causes you want to support.

Money Beliefs Kickstart Guide

These conversations are tricky. You and your partner may have different ideas about what you want your money to do, both now and after you're gone. If you understand why your partner feels differently, it will be easier to come to an agreement. Use this Kickstart Guide to help start a conversation that gets to the root of both your values.

  • Who do you want to receive your wealth if you’re no longer able to enjoy it?
  • Who are the most important people in your lives and how should your wealth be divided among them?
  • Do you and your partner agree on how much to leave to your children, if any?
  • Do you want to leave anything to the people or causes you care about?
  • Do you want to put any parameters around inheritance?
  • If you and your partner disagree, can you find a compromise with elements that are important to you both?

Put your money where your heart is

When you invest your money in the right places, it works hard for the people and causes you care about. Read this report on investing for a better future, and talk to a Financial Advisor about investments that reflect your values.

65% of investors who believe it is imporant to help create a better planet out weigh the 39% of investors that invest in sustainably

Are you ready to own your worth?

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