Workplace Wealth Solutions

Create a truly rewarding workplace

Your company’s success depends on attracting and retaining key talent. Everyone can flourish in a workplace where employees feel rewarded and want to stay. And that motivates your employees to give their best.

We work closely with you to create a truly rewarding workplace across a range of solutions. And as part of one of the world’s leading wealth managers, you can feel confident about the resources and guidance that you and your employees get.

Financial wellness

Helping your employees take control of their financial future

Everyone’s financial journey is different. We believe that when companies provide their employees access to education, tools and professional guidance, everyone wins.

We help empower employees at all ages and income levels to build healthy financial habits and improve their relationship with their money, so they can take more control of their financial future.

Why work with us

Why work with us

We create change where it matters. A human approach combined with our robust digital resources meets your employees where they are.

UBS Financial Coaches*

Unlimited access to guidance and education across all aspects of financial life

Proactive engagement

Ongoing outreach to educate and encourage conversations with our financial coaches

Digital resources

Educational content in various formats on a range of topics and access to digital resources, such as estate planning and student loan repayment solutions.

Live webcasts

Educator-led webinars to engage and educate employees in all aspects of financial wellness.

How we can help

How we can help

Financial wellness is having a positive relationship with money. It can help your employees bridge the gap between avoiding financial decisions and taking action. Wherever your employees are on their financial journey, we can help them take their first step.

Our people

Our people

You have a dedicated team and your employees have financial professionals who provide guidance to help them through the complexities of their finances, so everyone feels more engaged, productive and rewarded at work.

Retirement plan services

Helping you create a stronger plan

A variety of retirement plan solutions can help meet the evolving needs of plan sponsors and prepare employees for a secure retirement.

We offer fiduciary services to retirement plans that range from consulting services to discretionary and nondiscretionary advisory programs. Depending on your organization’s specific needs, we have a solution for you.

Why work with us

Why work with us

We work with you on an ongoing basis to create a plan that pursues the results you expect


Tailored solutions

Our Retirement Plan Consulting Services approach follows a prudent investment decision-making process with UBS acting as an ERISA fiduciary. In addition, we help plan sponsors manage plan complexity in the following areas:

  • Fiduciary governance
  • Plan health optimization
  • Participant retirement readiness

Our Retirement Plan Guided Solutions offer two investment advisory services that help you make key decisions that affect plan participants and reduce your fiduciary burden:

  • UBS Retirement Plan Manager—Discretionary investment management with UBS acting as an investment manager under ERISA Section 3(38)
  • UBS Retirement Plan Advisor—Nondiscretionary investment advice with UBS acting as a nondiscretionary investment fiduciary under ERISA Section 3(21)

Personalized service

As your dedicated team, we get to know you and your retirement plan needs. We’ll serve as your single point of contact, coordinating the services you need and saving you valuable time.

Plus you have the access to the vast resources of one of the world’s leading wealth managers.

Participant engagement & retirement readiness

We have the resources and experience as a global wealth management firm to help you deliver participant education through a personal, human touch and a digital experience

Who we serve

Who we serve

Organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies including: manufacturing, business, healthcare, professional services, and state and local government and more.

Our people

Our people

You have the objective advice and specialized services of a focused team, highly experienced in addressing wide-ranging needs, from helping you manage plan fiduciary responsibilities to maximizing the benefits of your plan for employees.



A trusted resource with the heritage of a global leader


retirement plans, from small businesses to the Fortune 5001

$110+ billion:

UBS Wealth Management Americas retirement plan assets1

30+ years

providing investment advice as a fiduciary

Equity plan services

Combining the power of people and technology

How rewarding can your equity plan be? That’s the question we ask ourselves every day. It’s led to solutions that help simplify plan management and create positive impact for companies big and small.

We empower your employees to realize the full value of their awards with access to education, tools and professional guidance that meet employees where they are, so they can do more with what you give them.

Why work with us

Why work with us

Here’s how our people and technology empower you—and your employees

Technology for companies

  • Simple, customizable platform
  • Seamless data integration and automated workflows
  • Drag-and-drop reporting
  • Electronic form filing
  • Multiple sandbox capabilities
  • Cloud-based technology

Technology for participants

  • Intuitive site helps employees manage awards
  • Trade online or via phone at the same price
  • Videos, graphics and more on important topics
  • Link other accounts to see the bigger picture1
  • Tools to help employees track their money1

People for companies

  • Dedicated onboarding support
  • Flexibility to meet your unique needs
  • A team with decades of experience

People for participants

  • Access to UBS Financial Advisors
  • Holistic guidance that goes beyond equity awards
  • Ability to book an appointment or call
  • Available to all levels of employees

How we can help

See how we help employees share in your company’s success

Employees value their awards but there's still a long way to go. Helping your employees understand their awards helps them value this key benefit.

Our people

Our people

For your company:

You can count on your team of UBS equity plan professionals for dedicated on-boarding and day-to-day support, innovative and collaborative problem-solving and executive services for the full spectrum of equity plans. We work with you to solve for the expected, while anticipating the unexpected.

For your participants:

We provide personal education, guidance and tools, as well as technology that together help participants realize and maximize the full value of their equity awards. By meeting them where they are, we help your participants do more with what you give them.

  • Access to UBS Financial Advisors offers one-on-one relationships and holistic guidance for all US and Latin American1 plan participants—from entry-level to the C-suite—that goes beyond equity awards to include financial wellness and planning for the future.

Institutional consulting

Helping you realize your organization’s long-term vision

UBS Institutional Consulting offers customized solutions centered on your evolving needs from experienced teams.

You can expect a disciplined consulting process backed by a global wealth management firm. Put our vast resources—including our intellectual capital—to work in helping you realize your vision.

Why work with us

Why work with us

Right from the start, we focus on learning everything we can about your organization. To support you in your fiduciary role, we define and document our fiduciary role, always with high-touch, responsive service.

Investment policy planning assistance

  • Assess current situation
  • Risk/reward profile
  • Assistance with investment policy development and review

Asset allocation modelling

  • Asset allocation analysis
  • Overall portfolio design
  • Active vs. passive management

Investment manager identification

  • Investment manager strategy & advice
    • Search
    • Identification
    • Recommendation
  • Cost analysis

Ongoing consulting and measurement

  • In-depth portfolio and manager review and analysis
  • Strategic and tactical rebalancing
  • Committee education

Who we serve

Who we serve

More than 6,000 clients across a broad range of organizations

  • Corporations
  • Public and private retirement plans
  • State and local governments
  • Hospitals and healthcare systems
  • Colleges and universities
  • Insurance companies
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Native American tribes
  • Foundations and endowments
  • Taft-Hartley plans
  • Associations and other not-for-profit organizations

Our people

Our people

As a program that serves the needs of organizations, our UBS Institutional Consultant(s)* (“Institutional Consultant(s)”) are expected to have significant industry experience and educational credentials to help navigate those unique challenges that may arise over time.



A trusted resource with the heritage of a global leader

40 years

delivering customized investment solutions

24+ years

average industry length of service of our consultants1

$164 billion2

combined assets under advisement

Insights for you

Thoughtful perspectives on the issues that matter to you

UBS Workplace Voice

Skateboarding with a laptop and tablet in hands of a woman and a man



UBS Workplace Voice

Our publication series keeps you up-to-date on key trends in the workplace.

Gain insights into employee and employer attitudes and behaviors about workplace benefits, such as equity awards, financial wellness and retirement.

Financial wellness

UBS Workplace Voice (issue 1) – A benefit whose time has come

This study focuses on financial wellness programs, and reveals that employees increasingly value them and the companies offering them.

Retirement plan services

For plan sponsors


Quarterly newsletter: Need-to-know information about legislative changes, technical updates and industry practices for plan fiduciaries.

For plan sponsors

Insights for Fiduciaries

Whitepapers: Thoughtful in-depth analysis of fee disclosure, plan expenses, fiduciary risk and more.

For plan participants

Wise Choices

Quarterly participant newsletter: Helpful education for informed retirement decisions.

Equity plan services

Critical advice

Employees seek more guidance on equity awards during crises

Unlocking value

Employee attitudes and behaviors toward equity plans

Presented by UBS Workplace Wealth Services / Issue 4

The UBS Equity Award Value Index

A groundbreaking tool for measuring how participants value equity awards.

“Show me the value”

Three steps to help employees get the most from their equity plan.

The multiplier effect

Doubling how much participants appreciate equity awards

Institutional consulting

Insights for fiduciaries

Whitepapers: Thoughtful in-depth analysis of fee disclosure, plan expenses, fiduciary risk and more.

Insights for fiduciaries

Trends and developments in the nonprofit sector

Get in touch

Together, we can help you pursue your goals

Financial wellness

Retirement plan consulting

Equity plan

Institutional consulting