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You don’t have to do this alone. Finding a Financial Advisor who understands your dreams is one of the most beneficial money moves to make.



A coach for your wealth

It's nice to have an expert in your corner. A career coach, an accountant, a personal trainer. They "get" you. So you rely on their insights and act on their advice. Research shows that people who work with a Financial Advisor for more than 10 years end up with twice the wealth of people who don't, on average.1


What exactly does a Financial Advisor do?

For one thing, an Advisor can help you define your goals and risk tolerance. Then he or she will look at your total wealth—assets, income, debts and more—and create a comprehensive financial plan. Other areas they can cover:

  • Advice for life stages: Structure your investments based on where you are in your life-cycle (starting out, working, raising a family, retirement, etc.).
  • Asset allocation: Put the right investments (stocks, bonds) into the right investment strategies to maximize your after-tax return.
  • Risk management: Establish contingency plans for illness, disability, accidents and death. Create strategies to help protect assets from taxes and creditors.
  • Support: Many investors panic when markets dip. A Financial Advisor can provide discipline and guidance during periods of market stress.
  • Educating family: Teach children about managing money responsibly and facilitate conversations among family members.
  • Wealth transfer: Create a plan for transferring your wealth to children, loved ones and charity, now and in the future.
  • Trust and estate planning strategies: Protect your assets, reduce estate tax exposure, transition wealth to future generations and pursue philanthropic endeavors.
  • Insurance: Analyze all your current policies— including long-term care—to determine whether they meet current and future needs.
  • Retirement income planning: Help protect your lifestyle and livelihood in retirement.
Take your seat at the money table

Finding an expert

Finding the right person can be daunting. We can help. Click here to find a Financial Advisor on this page. Once you've found one, ask some key questions about how he or she works with clients.  

For example:

  • How do you help clients define their goals?
  • How do you help clients pursue what matters most to them?
  • How do you measure success for your clients?

Are you ready to own your worth?

Connect with your UBS Financial Advisor or click here to find one.