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UBS On-Air: Market Moves

Wealth Management Americas

UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Reasons to rush rate cuts'


Federal Reserve governor Waller suggested there was “no rush” to cut rates. There is no absolute urgency, but there are three counter arguments. Real rates for businesses and consumers have risen significantly since last July. Any lingering US inflation is mainly confined to Texas and Florida, not the whole country. And saying there is “no rush” is unlikely to be appreciated by struggling lower income households.

Top of the Morning: Fixed Income Strategist - Tapering the tightening


We examine a potential timeline for the Fed to commence Quantitative Tightening, including the criteria which needs to be met, and how fixed income markets might respond to such a policy shift. We also review allocation preferences within the asset class, and highlight recent performance drivers. Featured are Leslie Falconio, Head of Taxable Fixed Income Strategy Americas, and John Murtah, Fixed Income Analyst Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy

UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Back to the Future II'


The Federal Reserve minutes offered some clarity on future Fed policy. The tone is consistent with rate cuts and a soft economic landing. The Fed does not want rising real interest rates with a slowing economy. Disinflation trends were discussed (economists selectively adjust data to better identify these trends).

UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Communicating more clearly'


The minutes of the last Federal Reserve meeting are due, and markets will care. The US is approaching changes in both monetary and quantitative policies. Fed Chair Powell seemingly lacks the communication skills of his predecessors, so markets are easily pushed about by shifting policy expectations. The minutes offer a more considered view of where policy should be heading.

UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Wages should be rising'


The ECB releases a negotiated wage settlement index. ECB President Lagarde has repeatedly highlighted wages as a factor determining policy moves. Real wages should be rising—after so long a period of weak wage growth, rebalancing is needed. Rising real wages should not be seen as an automatic cost pressure for inflation—changing working habits and automation have increased productivity, allowing companies to pay workers more in exchange for more output.

UBS On-Air: In the Now

Washington Weekly Podcast: Geopolitics roundup, Southern border, Tax legislation


Following this past weekend’s attacks in Jordan against US servicemembers, Shane discusses how and when the US will respond to Iran and what it all means for brewing tensions in the region. We also update on House GOP impeachment proceedings against Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, and bi-partisan Congressional legislative efforts aimed at tax breaks for businesses and children. Featured is Shane Lieberman, Senior Governmental Affairs Advisor, Government Affairs US. Host: Daniel Cassidy

Washington Weekly Podcast: Decision 2024, Border negotiations, Geopolitics


With the 2024 campaign trail in full swing, Shane reflects on the results of the New Hampshire primary and previews what the next few weeks have in store. We also update on border negotiations within Congress and ongoing tensions in the Red Sea. Featured is Shane Lieberman, Senior Governmental Affairs Advisor, Governmental Affairs US. Host: Daniel Cassidy

Washington Weekly Podcast: New Hampshire preview, Taiwan, Shutdown negotiations & more


Our conversation covers a range of timely topics, including takeaways from President Biden’s White House meeting with Congressional leadership, a status as to where government shutdown negotiations stand, and an update on Decision 2024 ahead of next week’s New Hampshire primary. Featured is Shane Lieberman, Senior Governmental Affairs Advisors, Governmental Affairs US. Host: Daniel Cassidy

Washington Weekly Podcast: Iowa preview, Capitol Hill roundup & more


With what promises to be an eventful 2024 now underway, Shane Lieberman updates us on a range of negotiations taking place within Congress as it relates to government funding, the US Southern border, and foreign aid packages. We also touch on the road to the White House by previewing Monday's Iowa caucuses and recapping President Biden's recent campaign appearances. Featured is Shane Lieberman, Senior Governmental Affairs Advisors, Governmental Affairs US. Host: Daniel Cassidy

Washington Weekly Podcast: Year-Ahead for DC, Immigration policy, Geopolitics


As 2023 winds down, we look ahead to the policy and legislative priorities of Washington DC in the year ahead, along with update on developments surrounding potential changes to US immigration policy and the scope of recent sanctions announcements by the US government. Featured is Shane Lieberman, Senior Governmental Affairs Advisor, Governmental Affairs US. Host: Daniel Cassidy

UBS On-Air: Conversations

Family Office Quarterly in Depth - How Family Offices Compensate their Employees


Family Office Quarterly Deep Dive: There's compensation and then there is long-term compensation tied to alignment of the family offices objectives. Mark Tepsich, Family Office Design and Governance Strategist sits down Paul Westall and Tayyab Mohamaed, Agreus co-founders toto take a deeper dive on long-term compensation and the perspective of both family offices and employees and candidates.

Family Office Solutions In FOcus: Domestic and Administrative Staffing - Hiring tips and expectations


Leora Zach, CFA, Client Solution Specialist for Family Office Solutions sits down with Gold Porter, Owner of Riveter Consulting Group to discuss hiring and staffing of lifestyle, domestic and administrative hires. Together, they discuss what families should look out for when hiring domestic and administrative staff as well as the salary expectations these hires often look for.

Sustainable Investing Perspectives: What’s next for SI in 2024 with Lucy Thomas (UBS Asset Management) & Amantia Muhedini (UBS CIO)


With a new year underway, we discuss what investors will be focused on and how factors spanning global elections to potential shifts in monetary policy might impact the sustainable investing landscape. Featured are Amantia Muhedini, Sustainable & Impact Investing Strategist Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office, and Lucy Thomas, Head of Sustainable Investing at UBS Asset Management. Host: Daniel Cassidy

Future of Wealth: Inclusive Economy


Join us for a conversation with Lenore Champagne Beirne, Founder & Managing Partner at Bright Ventures and Betina Dowdell, Senior Strategist in the UBS Multicultural Client Segment. Lenore and Betina discuss what led Lenore to create a venture capital fund that invests in inclusively-led companies, and how community and well-being are tied to success.

The ARTicle Podcast Episode 4: Art Basel Miami Beach - Jeffrey Gibson - In conversation


On site at Art Basel Miami Beach 2023, Matthew Newton, UBS Art Advisory Specialist, is joined in conversation by artist Jeffrey Gibson, curator Kathleen Ash-Milby, and collector Becky Gochman. Centered on Gibson’s multidisciplinary practice, the group offers perspectives on how the curatorial and collecting roles contribute to the overall preservation and enrichment of indigenous culture. Gibson, a member of the Choctaw and Cherokee Nations, will represent the United States at the Venice Biennale in 2024 and his work was featured this year in the UBS Art Collection presentation in the UBS Lounge. Kathleen Ash-Milby is Curator of Native American Art, Portland Art Museum and co-commissioner of the U.S Pavilion at the 2024 Venice Biennale. Becky Gochman is a prominent private collector of contemporary indigenous art.

UBS On-Air: LatAm access Spanish

Calificaciones crediticias en Latinoamérica ¿Qué nos depara el 2024? Conversación con Ariane Ortiz-Bollin de Moody’s


En este episodio de LatAm Access, Alejo Czerwonko, Chief Investment Officer Emerging Markets Americas de UBS, y Ariane Ortiz-Bollin, Vicepresidente Senior de Moody’s Investor Services, discuten el futuro de las calificaciones crediticias soberanas y corporativas de Latinoamérica, con un foco especial en México, Brasil, y Argentina.

Principales preguntas de los inversionistas para 2024 y capacidad crediticia de México


En este episodio de LatAm Access, Gabriela Soní, Chief Investment Officer en UBS México, responde las principales preguntas para 2024 que están en la mente de los inversionistas globales. Asimismo, analiza las fortalezas y debilidades en la capacidad crediticia de México.

Davos 2024 - Principales conclusiones


En este episodio de LatAm Access, Alejo Czerwonko, Chief Investment Officer Emerging Markets Americas en UBS, quien tuvo la oportunidad de participar en la reunión anual del Foro Económico Mundial en Davos, resume los puntos clave de la conferencia. La inteligencia artificial, la geopolítica, y la transición energética dominaron la conversación. América Latina como región fue resaltada como un área de oportunidad en un mundo cambiante.

La inversión por impacto y su rol en el desarrollo social


En este episodio, Kai Grunauer, Director Ejecutivo para América Latina del equipo de Impacto Social y Filantropía de UBS, conversa con Maya Ziswiler, CEO de la Fundación Optimus de UBS, sobre el rol cada vez más importante que están jugando las inversiones por impacto para fomentar el crecimiento de las empresas sociales y las acciones concretas que la fundación está llevando a cabo en este sector.

América Latina en 2024


En este episodio de LatAm Access, Alejo Czerwonko, Gabriela Soni, y Pedro Quintanilla-Dieck del Chief Investment Office de UBS describen el outlook para América Latina en 2024, revisando las perspectivas económicas y de inversión de México, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Perú, Argentina, y Venezuela.

UBS On-Air: LatAm access Portuguese

Crescimento, desinflação e queda de juros: O cenário perfeito está no horizonte?


A economia dos Estados Unidos começou o ano com boas notícias, tanto do ponto de vista de crescimento, quanto de inflação. Entre o pouso suave e o cenário perfeito, qual pode ser o impacto para os mercados? Saiba mais conferindo este episódio deste podcast, conduzido por Luciano Telo (CIO para o Brasil no UBS GWM) e Ronaldo Patah (Estrategista de Investimentos para o Brasil no UBS GWM).

PERGUNTAS E RESPOSTAS da Lei 14.754/23 - tributação offshore


Neste novo episódio, Mari Yoshioka, Diretora Executiva do UBS Wealth Planning LATAM, conversa com Fernando Martins, sócio do SA LAW, sobre as novidades trazidas pelo “Perguntas e Respostas” sobre a alteração de tributação para investimentos no exterior. Além de possuir mais de 18 anos de experiência na área tributária, Fernando é contador certificado.

PL 4173/23 aprovado: o que muda nos investimentos no exterior?


Nesse episódio, Mari Yoshioka, Diretora Executiva do UBS Wealth Planning LATAM, conversa com Priscilla Stela Mariano da Silva do Pinheiro Neto Advogados sobre a aprovação do Projeto de Lei 4.173/23 e os impactos na tributação de investimentos no exterior.

Filantropia Familiar na América Latina: Realidades e Perspectivas


Neste episódio, Kai Grunauer-Brachetti, Diretor Executivo para a América Latina da equipe de UBS Social Impact and Philanthropy, discute as principais descobertas do recente estudo "Famílias Latino-Americanas com Visão de Impacto" e detalha as melhores práticas implementadas por famílias da região para alcançar um verdadeiro impacto social e ambiental por meio de suas ações filantrópicas.

Year Ahead 2024 - Um novo mundo


O novo mundo é caracterizado pela incerteza econômica e instabilidade geopolítica, mas também por profundas mudanças tecnológicas. Uma sessão de perguntas e respostas sobre nossas visões globais de cenário e investimentos para o ano que vem, “Year Ahead”, com Luciano Telo, CIO para o Brasil no UBS GWM, e Ronaldo Patah, Estrategista de Investimentos para o Brasil no UBS GWM.

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