Accessibility at UBS

At UBS, accessibility matters. We have done our best to make this site as accessible for you as possible, and we continue to improve our accessibility every day. Following the guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium , we are working hard to make the public website usable by everyone, regardless of their abilities or device-type. We aim to provide a very high level of accessibility for everyone with vision, hearing and mobility impairments.

Conformance to guidelines

We strive to implement the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) consistently across Regular content review and quality controls are important to us. To this end, we are supported by an external organization specializing in accessibility, which periodically conducts tests on this website and supports us in keeping or ameliorating our level of accessibility. In the course of the ongoing development of our web platforms, continuous accessibility improvements are made available.

How to use this website

If you cannot use a pointing device such as a mouse, you can control the functionality using your keyboard:

  • Use the 'Tab' key for moving keyboard focus between different controls;
  • Hold down 'Shift' to move focus in reverse order;
  • Use the space bar or the 'Enter' key to activate an item.

Feedback on accessibility

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