UBS Optimus Foundation

Impactful philanthropy – we deliver breakthrough solutions to pressing social and environmental issues.

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Why partner with us?

You want your giving to be strategic – focused on outcomes? But why choose us? Being effective in philanthropy takes time and resources. You can be sure that we have the right experience, knowledge and network to help you make the most impact in your giving. So that all children can grow up healthy, safe and educated.

How we drive transformation

We have an intimate understanding of the world's most pressing issues. We help you finding the right program, balancing risks and social return.

How we get the most out of our programs

We know the exponential effect it has when we join forces with philanthropists, organizations and governments. Together we can drive bold change.

How we are partnering for good

Find a selection of partners we work with to achieve powerful results. From getting more girls into school to fighting child trafficking and tackling climate change.

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